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精编熟词生义 141-160

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①[VN] (formal) to have an influence on sth

• 对…有影响:

 Religion informs every aspect of their lives.



①[C]~ (for sth / for doing sth) a particular method of doing or achieving sth

• 方案;方法:

 They're trying to work out a peace formula acceptable to both sides in the dispute.

②[C]a fixed form of words used in a particular situation

• (特定场合的)惯用词语,套话:

 legal formula






①[C](usually after a noun 通常置于名词后) 


a particular activity that a group ofpeople organize in order to achieve sth


• 有组织的活动:


②[C]the result of an attempt to do sth


• 努力的结果;成就:


 I'm afraid this essay is a poor effort.





①havingenough money to buy what you want without worrying about the cost


• 富裕的;宽裕的:


 They're not millionaires, but they're certainly very comfortable. 

②quitelarge; allowing you to win easily  相当大的;易取胜的:


 The party won with a comfortable majority.




①theforce [sing.] (BrE) the police force  警察部门:


 He joined the force twenty years ago.

②theforces [pl.] (BrE) the army, navy and air force


• 兵力,武装力量(陆海空三军):


 allied forces 

③[C+ sing. / pl. v.] a group of people who have been organized for a particularpurpose

• (为某目的组织起来的)一群人:


 a member of the sales force




①[U]waste material that has been thrown away


• 废弃物;垃圾 rubbish / garbage :


 the city refuse dump




①(NAmEalso fuze) a device that makes a bomb explode when it hits sth or at aparticular time • 引信;信管;雷管:


 He set the fuse to three minutes.



148. Fusion


①(alsonuclear fusion) [U] (physics 物) the act or process of combining thenuclei (= central parts) of atoms to form a heavier nucleus , with energy beingreleased

• 核聚变;热核反应




①toprove sb / sth wrong• 证明…有错:


 She confounded her critics and proved shecould do the job. 

②(old-fashioned)to defeat an enemy


• 击败,战胜(敌人)




①[C,usually sing.] a slight amount or sign of sth


• 微量;些微;迹象


 She looked at me with just a suggestion of asmile.




①needinga lot of effort, money or time to succeed


• 费力的;耗资的;耗时的:


 the government's ambitious plans for socialreform




①[U](NAmE) the system of buses, trains, etc. which people use to travel from oneplace to another


• 交通运输系统:


 the city's mass / public transit system




①~sb (into sth) to explain sth to sb and / or make them experience it for thefirst time

• 使了解;传授;教…开始尝试:


 Many of them had been initiated into drug useat an early age.





①Aninjection of money or resources into an organization is the act of providing itwith more money or resources, to help it become more efficient or profitable. 

• (金钱或资源的)投入

 The company is hoping to obtain a £50 million cash injection from the government




①[usuallypassive] to estimate what the size, cost or amount of sth will be in the futurebased on what is happening now


• 预测;预计;推想【SYN】forecast :


 A growth rate of 4% is projected for nextyear. 

②[V+adv. / prep.] to stick out beyond an edge or a surface

• 突出;外伸;伸出【SYN】protrude :


 a building with balconies projecting out over the street 

③[VN]~ (yourself) to present sb / sth / yourself to other people in a particularway, especially one that gives a good impression


• 展现;表现;确立(好印象):


He projected himself as a man worth listening to. 

④[VN]to send or throw sth up or away from yourself


• 投掷;抛射;发送:


 Actors must learn to project their voices.

⑤[noun](NAmE) = housing project : a group of houses or flats / apartments built forpoor families, usually with government money


• 住宅区,居民村(常由政府为贫困家庭营造)


 Going into the projects alone is dangerous.



①somethingthat cannot be used or sold because there is sth wrong with it


• 废品;次品


②aperson who has not been accepted as a member of a team, society, etc.


• 不合格者;被剔除者;被拒收者:


 one of society's rejects


③tofail to give a person or an animal enough care or affection


• 不够关心;慢待:


 The lioness rejected the smallest cub, which died.





①[VN](technical 术语) to arrange lines of printed text so that one or bothedges are straight


• 调整使全行排满;使每行排齐;使齐行


 Click on this icon to align or justify text




①toreceive sth; to win sth


• 收到;赢得;获得:


 to collect a prize / a medal


②[VN]to obtain the money, etc. that sb owes, for example by going to their house toget it


• 收(欠款);(上门)收(账):  to collect rent / debts / tax


③ of a telephone call 电话) paid for by the person who receives thecall


• 由受话人付费的: to make a collect call





usedafter nouns to show that sb has been chosen for a job, but is not yet 


doingthat job (用于名词后)当选而尚未就职的,候任的:


 the president elect





of a plan or an idea 计划或想法 clever but simple


• 简炼的;简洁的;简明的:  an elegant solution to the problem 




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