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精编熟词生义 161-180

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①(BrE, informal) a pub near where you live
• 住处附近的酒吧:
 I called in at my local on the way home. 

②(NAmE) a branch of a trade / labor union 
• (工会的)地方分会

③ (NAmE) a bus or train that stops at all places on the route
• (沿线每站都停的)公共汽车,火车


[C, U] a place outside a film studio where scenes of a film / movie are made
• (电影的)外景拍摄地:

The movie was shot entirely on location in Italy.


(of a look or movement 表情或动作) able to express a feeling
• 传神的:

 His eyes were eloquent. 


(technical 术语) to move a person's bones or joints into the correct position
• 正骨;治疗脱臼


①[only before noun] next to or very close to a particular place or time
• 接近的;附近的;紧接的:

 The prospects for the immediate future are good.

②[only before noun] nearest in relationship or rank
• (关系或级别)最接近的,直系的,直接的:

 The funeral was attended by her immediate family (= her parents, children, brothers and sisters) only.

③[only before noun] having a direct effect
• (作用)直接的:
 The immediate cause of death is unknown. 


①(biology 生) a substance that sth exists or grows in or that it travels through
• 介质;培养基;环境:
 The bacteria were growing in a sugar medium. 

②(pl. me∙diums) a person who claims to be able to communicate with the spirits of dead people

• 通灵的人;灵媒;巫师


 [usually passive] (formal or technical 术语) to influence sth and / or make it possible for it to happen
• 影响…的发生;使…可能发生:

 Educational success is mediated by economic factors. 



①[C] each of the 60 equal parts of a degree, used in measuring angles
• 分(角度单位,六十分之一度):
 37 degrees 30 minutes (37° 30″) 

②the minutes [pl.] a summary or record of what is said or decided at a formal meeting
• 会议记录;会议纪要:
  Who is going to take the minutes (= write them) ?

③[C] a short note on a subject, especially one that recommends a course of action
• 摘要;简短记录;备忘录

④[ verb ]to write down sth that is said at a meeting in the official record (= the minutes ) 
• 将(某事)写进会议记录:

 I'd like that last remark to be minuted. 


the state of being under the age at which you are legally an adult
• 未成年


①a person, lower in rank than an ambassador , whose job is to represent their government in a foreign country
• 公使;外交使节

②[verb]minister to sb / sth (formal) 
• to care for sb, especially sb who is sick or old, and make sure that they have everything they need

• 照料,服侍(年老或体弱者等)【SYN】 tend 


①[often passive] ~ sth (to sb) (formal) to give drugs, medicine, etc. to sb
• 给予,施用(药物等):
 The dose was administered to the child intravenously. 

②~ a kick, a punch, etc. (to sb / sth) (formal) to kick or to hit sb / sth
• 踢;打:
 He administered a severe blow to his opponent's head. 


①(often Administration) [C] the government of a country, especially the US
• (尤指美国)政府:
 the Bush administration 


①[U] the amount of money that you pay to go into a building or to an event
• 入场费;门票费:

 £5 admission 


①[VN] ~ yourself (to sth) to give an opinion or make a decision openly so that it is then difficult to change it

• (公开地)表示意见,作出决定(以致日后难以更改):

 You don't have to commit yourself now, just think about it. 

②[V] ~ (to sb / sth) to be completely loyal to one person, organization, etc. or give all your time and effort to your work, an activity, etc.
• 忠于(某个人、机构等);全心全意投入(工作、活动等):

 Why are so many men scared to commit? (= say they will be loyal to one person) 

③[VN] to spend money or time on sth / sb
• 花(钱或时间):

 The council has committed large amounts of money to housing projects. 

④[VN] [often passive] ~ sb to sth to order sb to be sent to a hospital, prison, etc.
• (下令)把(某人)送进(医院或监狱等):

 he was committed to a psychiatric hospital. 

⑤[VN] to send sb for trial in court
• 把某人送交法庭受审

⑥[VN] ~ sth to memory to learn sth well enough to remember it exactly
• 把…学好记牢:
 She committed the instructions to memory. 

⑦[VN] ~ sth to paper / writing to write sth down
• 把…记(或写)下来 


①[U, C] an amount of money that is paid to sb for selling goods and which increases with the amount of goods that are sold

• 佣金;回扣:

 You get a 10% commission on everything you sell. 

②[U] an amount of money that is charged by a bank, etc. for providing a particular service
• (银行等的)手续费:

 1% commission is charged for cashing traveller's cheques. 

③[C] a formal request to sb to design or make a piece of work such as a building or a painting
• (请某人作建筑设计或作一幅画等的)正式委托

④[C] an officer's position in the armed forces
• 军官职务


⑤to officially ask sb to write, make or create sth or to do a task for you
• 正式委托(谱写或制作、创作、完成):

⑤[usually passive] ~ sb (as) sth to choose sb as an officer in one of the armed forces
• 任命…为军官:

 He has just been commissioned (as a) pilot officer.


[V that] (law 律 or formal) to say or suggest sth
• 表示;认为;主张;建议:

 Counsel for the defence submitted that the evidence was inadmissible. 


①[U, C] the system in a vehicle by which power is passed from the engine to the wheels
• (车辆的)传动装置,变速器 

②[C] a radio or television message or broadcast
• (电视、广播节目的)播送,播放

 a live transmission from Sydney 


①[only before noun] (formal) lasting until death
• 至死方休的;不共戴天的【SYN】 deadly :

 They were locked in mortal combat
(= a fight that will only end with the death of one of them).

②[only before noun] (formal) (of fear, etc. 恐惧等) extreme

• 极端的;非常大的:

 We lived in mortal dread of him discovering our secret.


①(formal) to suggest sth formally so that it can be discussed and decided
• (正式地)提出,提议【SYN】 put forward :

 The Opposition moved an amendment to the Bill. 

②[V] to take action; to do sth
• 采取行动;做(事):

 The police moved quickly to dispel the rumours. 


①noun [C, usually pl.]• (law 律)


a thing that can be moved from one house, etc. to another; a personal possession
• 动产;个人财物 




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