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精编熟词生义 181-200

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(formal) an amount by which two things are separated

• 距离;差距;间距:

 Charlotte seemed to be living at one remove from reality.



a decoration made from wire, etc. that is hung from the ceiling and that has small objects hanging from it which move when the air around them moves

• 风铃;(可随风摆动的)悬挂饰物 



①[only before noun] (of parents or their children 父母或其子女) related by blood

• 有血缘关系的;亲生的:

 His natural mother was unable to care for him so he was raised by an aunt. 

②[only before noun] (old use or formal) (of a son or daughter 儿女) born to parents who are not married

• 非婚生的;私生的【SYN】 illegitimate :

 She was a natural daughter of King James II. 

③~ (for sth) a person who is very good at sth without having to learn how to do it, or who is perfectly suited for a particular job

• 有天赋的人;擅长做某事的人:

 He's a natural for the role. 



①(BrE) a sports competition involving teams from two countries

• 国际体育比赛:

 the France-Scotland rugby international 

②(BrE) a player who takes part in a sports competition against another country

• 国际体育比赛选手:

 a former swimming international 



[C] (technical 术语) an official letter from the representative of one government to another

• (外交文书)照会;通牒:

 an exchange of diplomatic notes 



①[U] a formal letter or statement saying that you will or must leave your job or house at the end of a particular period of time

• 辞职信;搬迁通知:

 He has handed in his notice

②[C] a short article in a newspaper or magazine, giving an opinion about a book, play, etc.

• (报刊上对书籍、戏剧等的)评论,短评



① [C, usually pl.] (disapproving or humorous) a social class

• 阶级;等级;阶层:

 the lower orders 

②[C] a group into which animals, plants, etc. that have similar characteristics are divided, smaller than a class and larger than a family 

• (生物分类的)目:

 the order of primates 

③[C + sing. / pl. v.] a group of people living in a religious community, especially monks or nuns 

• (按照一定的规范生活的)宗教团体;(尤指)修会:

 religious orders 

④[C + sing. / pl. v.] a group of people who have been given a special honour by a queen, king, president, etc.

• (荣获国王、女王、总统等)授勳的人;勳位;勳爵士团:

 The Order of the Garter is an ancient order of chivalry. 

⑤[C] a badge or ribbon worn by members of an order who have been given a special honour

• 勳章;绶带

⑥[C + sing. / pl. v.] a secret society whose members meet for special ceremonies

• (秘密)社团,集团,结社:

 the Ancient Order of Druids 



①[only before noun] (formal) (of a meeting, etc. 会议等) arranged for a special purpose and happening in addition to what normally or regularly happens

• 特别的;临时的:

 An extraordinary meeting was held to discuss the problem. 

② (following nouns 紧接名词之后) (technical 术语) (of an official 官员) employed for a special purpose in addition to the usual staff

• 特派的;特命的:

 an envoy extraordinary 



①[C] either of ten numbers or letters used to fix the position of a point on a map or graph 

• 坐标:

 the x, y coordinates of any point on a line 

②coordinates [pl.] (used in shops / stores etc. 商店等用) pieces of clothing that can be worn together because, for example, the colours look good together

• (颜色协调的)配套服装,套装 



 (about / over sth) very definite about what you like and careful about what you choose

• 讲究;挑剔:【SYN】 fussy 

 She's very particular about her clothes. 



[sing.] (formal) a state of being very angry

• 盛怒;激愤【SYN】 rage :

 She flies into a passion if anyone even mentions his name.



that makes you pay attention to it because it is so interesting and exciting

• 引人入胜的:

 The programme made compulsive viewing. 



①pulses [pl.] the seeds of some plants that are eaten as food, such as peas and lentils 

• 豆果果实;荚果;豆子

②~ (with sth) to be full of a feeling such as excitement or energy

• 洋溢着;充满(激情等)【SYN】 buzz :

 The auditorium pulsed with excitement. 



①(also de∙pend∙ency) the state of being addicted to sth (= unable to stop taking or using it) 

• 瘾:

 drug / alcohol dependence 

②~ of A and B (technical 术语) the fact of one thing being affected by another

• 相关(性);相依(性):

 the close dependence of soil and landforms 



①done or given by sb who is not involved in a situation and so is able to judge it fairly

• 不相干的人所做的(或提供的);公正的;无偏见的:

 an independent inquiry / witness 

②supported by private money rather than government money

• 私营的;独立:

 independent television / schools 

③not representing or belonging to a particular political party

• 无党派的;独立的:

 an independent candidate 



①[U, C] the system by which a vehicle is supported on its wheels and which makes it more comfortable to ride in when the road surface is not even

• (车辆减震用的)悬架

②[C, U] (technical 术语) a liquid with very small pieces of solid matter floating in it; the state of such a liquid

• 悬浮液;悬浮



①[U] (law 律) the power that a court, an organization or a person has to deal with sth

• (法庭、机构或人的)权限,管辖权:

 The judge has to act within the competence of the court.



the competition [sing. + sing. / pl. v.] the people who are competing against sb

• 竞争者;对手:

 We'll be able to assess the competition at the conference. 



the complete number or quantity needed or allowed

• 足数;足额:

 We've taken our full complement of trainees this year. 



①~ with sth [not before noun] including sth as an extra part or feature

• 包括,含有(额外部份或特征):

  The furniture comes complete with tools and instructions for assembly

②to write all the information you are asked for on a form
• 填写(表格)【SYN】 fill in / out :

  2 000 shoppers completed our questionnaire. 




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