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  Early Maori adapted thetropically-based east Polynesian culture in line with the challenges associatedwith a larger and more diverse environment, eventually developing their owndistinctive culture. The British and Irish immigrants brought aspects of theirown culture to New Zealand and also influenced Maori culture. More recentlyAmerican, Australian, Asian and other European culture shave exerted influence onNew Zealand.


  Even though themajority of the population now lives in cities, much of New Zealand’s art,literature, film and humor has rural themes.


  New Zealand music hasbeen influenced by blues, jazz, country, rock and roll, with many of thesegenres given a unique New Zealand interpretation. Maori developed traditionalchants and songs from their ancient South-East Asian origins, and aftercenturies of isolation created a unique “monotonous” and “doleful” sound.


  The number of NewZealand films significantly increased during the 1970s. In 1978the New ZealandFilm Commission started assisting local film-makers and many films attained aworld audience, some receiving international acknowledgment. New Zealandtelevision primarily broadcasts American and British programming, along with alarge number of Australian and local shows. The country's diverse scenery andcompact size, plus government incentives, have encouraged some producers tofilm big budget movies in New Zealand.


  Our distinctive cultureis core to what makes New Zealand a great place to live. Cultural expression,engagement and understanding are fundamental to a vibrant and healthy societyand help define what it is to be a New Zealander.


  Maori culture makes NewZealand unique in a globalized world and is central to our sense of place,identifying us as a nation. Active participation by Maori indistinct Maoriactivity, will ensure Maori culture is protected and flourishes.


  The Ministry forCulture and Heritage is the Government’s leading adviser on cultural matters;funds, monitors and supports a range of cultural agencies; and delivers a rangeof high quality cultural products and services.


  The Ministry providesadvice to the Government on where to focus its interventions in the culturalsector. The Ministry seeks to ensure that funding is invested as effectivelyand efficiently as possible, and that the Government’s priorities are met.


  The Ministry has astrong track record of delivering high quality publications, managing oursignificant heritage and commemorations, and acting as guardian of NewZealand’s culture. Our work priorities cultural outcomes and supports educational,economic, and social outcomes linking with the work of a range of othergovernment agencies.


  Culture is produced bycreative and innovative individuals, groups and organization. The activities,goods and services they create, produce and distribute have a value which iscultural, social and economic. Cultural expression expands individualcapacities, helps bind society and provides jobs and innovation in the economy.











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