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2017职称英语A类综合试题太放肆了 等你来收拾

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Pop Music in Africa非洲的流行音乐


  Young musicians in African countries are creating a new kind of pop music . The tunes and the rhythms of their music combine African traditions with various forms of music popular today, such as hip-hop, rap, rock, jazz, or reggae. The result is music that may sound familiar to listeners anywhere in the world, but at the same time is distinctly African. It is different also in another way:Many of the songs are very serious and they deal with important social or political issues in Africa today.


  非洲国家的年轻音乐家们创造了一种流行音乐的新形式。音调与旋律不仅有传统的非洲因素也有当 下十分流行的各种形式,比如嘻哈、说唱打击乐、摇滚、爵士或者是瑞格舞。这样就使这 种音乐让世界 各地的听者都觉得很熟悉,而它又是典型的非洲音乐。这种音乐在另一方面也有所不同:很多音乐有着 严肃的主题,与当今非洲重要的社会问题和政治问题相关。


  Eric Wainaina is one of these African musicians. He grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, in a family of musicians. As a teenager, he listened to pop music from the United States, and later he moved to Boston to study at the Berklee College of Music. Now he has produced a CD in Kenya. Eric's most popular song, "Land of ‘A Little Something’“ is about Kenya's problem of bribery, or paying others for illegal favors . He wants people to listen to his songs and think about how to make Kenya a better place to live.


  Eric Wainaina 是这些非洲音乐家的其中之一。他成长于肯尼亚内罗毕的一个音乐世家。少年 时期他 就昕美国的流行音乐,之后就读于波士顿 Berklee College 学习音乐。现在他在肯尼亚发了 一张 CD。他最红的歌曲是"Land of ? A Little Something' , 这首歌是有关肯尼亚行贿受贿问题的。他希望人们听他的歌曲 然后思考如何让肯尼亚变成更好的居住地。


  Another musician who writes serious songs is Witness Mwaijaga from Tanzania. Her own experiences have helped her understand the suffering of many African women. At the age of fifteen she lost her home, but she was luckier than other homeless young people. She could make a living by writing songs and singing on the street. By the time she was eighteen years old, she had become a star. Her songs are written in rap or hip-hop style about the problems that she sees in Tanzania, especially AIDS and the lack of rights for women.1


  另一个写有关严肃主题音乐的音乐家是来自坦桑尼亚的 Witness Mwaijaga。 她的个人经历让 她能够切 身体会非洲妇女所受的苦难。她15岁的时候失去了家,但是比起和她一样无家可归 的年轻人来说她很幸 运。她可以靠写歌和在街头卖唱维持生计。在她18岁的时候,她成为一 个明星。她用嘻哈和说唱的风格 写歌,歌曲的内容是坦桑尼亚的各种问题,特别是艾滋病和女 性权利的缺失。


  Baaba Maal, from Senegal, also feels that pop music must go beyond entertainment. He says that in Senegal, storytellers have always been important people. In the past, they were the ones who kept the history of their people alive. Baaba believes that songwriters now have a similar responsibility. They must write about the world around them and help people understand how it could be better. The words of his songs are important, in fact. They speak of peace and cooperation among Africans, as well as the rights of women, love for one' s family, and saving the environment.2

 1. In a traditional agricultural economy, a large family_______.


  A. can be an advantage


  B. may limit income


  C. isn’t necessary


  D. is expensive


  1. A 本题的问题是:在传统的农业经济中,大家庭的影响是什么?从文中第二段第二句和第三句 话可以得出明确的答案。 In a traditional agricultural economy, large families are helpful. Having more children means having more workers in the fields and someone to take care of the parents in old age. 所以答案为 A,是优势。


  2. When countries become industrialized, _______.


  A. families often become larger


  B. the birth rate generally goes down


  C. women usually decide not have a family


  D. the population generally grows rapidly


  2. B 本题的问题是:当国家工业化后,人口和出生率的状况是什么?从第二段意大利的例子可以明确得出答案。In the early part of the twentieth century, Italy was a poor, largely agricultural country with a high birth rate. After World War Ⅱ, Italy's economy was rapidly modernized and industrialized. 由此可见出生率降低。


  3. According to this passage, Italy today is an example of an _______.


  A. agricultural country with a high birth rate


  B. agricultural country with a low birth rate


  C. industrialized country with a low birth rate


  D. industrialized country with a high birth rate


  3. C 本题的问题是:本文举出意大利的例子要说明什么?从第二段意大利的前后对比的情况可以看出正确答案为 C。


  4. Saudi Arabia is mentioned in the passage because it shows that _______.


  A. the most important factor influencing birth rate is the economy


  B. factors other than the economy influence birth rate


  C. women who have a high income usually have few children


  D. the birth rate depends on per capita income


  4. B 本题的问题是:文中提到沙特阿拉伯的例子说明了什么?由第三段开头可知,However, the economy is not the only important factor that influences birth rate. 下面将要介绍其他因素,之后以沙特阿拉伯为例。故正确答案为 B,经济以外影响出生率的因素。


  5. In Mexico, Thailand, and Indonesia, the government _______.


  A. is not concerned about the status of women


  B. has tried to industrialize the country rapidly


  C. does not allow women to work outside the home


  D. has tried to improve the condition of women


  5. D 本题的问题是: 墨西哥、 泰国、 印度尼西亚的政府采取了怎样的措施?从文中第四段后半部分On the other hand, the improved condition of women in Mexico, Thailand, and Indonesia explains the decline in birth rates in these countries. Their governments have taken measures to provide more education and opportunities for women. 可以得出结论。另一方面从第四段开头也可以得出结论。The most important of these is the condition of women. 之后举出这几个国家的例子,从而也可以得出结论。


  来自塞内加尔的 BaabaMaal 也认为流行音乐不仅仅是为了娱乐。他在塞内加尔说过,故事的 讲述者 往往是重要的人物。在^:去,他们是人民历史的书写者。他认为写歌者也拥有同样的责任。 他们必须写 他们周围的世界,帮助人民明白如何使它变得更好。事实上,歌词的内容十分重要。他倡导在非洲要和 平与协作,同时也包括妇女权利、热爱家庭和保护环境。


  One of South Africa's most popular musicians is Brenda Fassie. She is sometimes compared to Madonna, the American pop star, because she likes to shock people in her shows. But she also likes to make people think. She became famous in the 1980s for her simple pop songs against apartheid. Now that apartheid has ended, her songs are about other issues in South African culture and life. To sing about these, she uses local African languages and a new pop style called kwaito.


  南美最流行的音乐家之一是 Brenda Fassie。 她可以与美国流行巨星麦当娜媲美, 因为她的舞 台表现力 震撼人心。但是她也喜欢让人深思。20世纪80年代她因为一首有关反对种族隔离的单 曲而一炮走红。现 在种族隔离巳经终止了,她的歌曲有关于南美政治和文化的其他方面。她使用传统的非洲语言与一种新 的流行形式库威多来歌唱。


  In recent years, people outside of Africa have also begun to listen to these young musicians. Through music, the younger generation of Africans are connecting with the rest of the world and, at the same time, influencing the rest of the world.


  近些年,非洲以外的人们都开始听这些年轻音乐家的歌曲。通过音乐,年青一代的音乐家使非洲与 世界其他的地方相连接,同时也影响着世界的其他地方。

 industrialization n工业化


  possibility n可能性,可能发生的事物


  effective adj有效的,起作用的,实际的




  1. In a traditional agricultural economy, large families are helpful. Having more children means having more workers in the fields and someone to take care of the parents in old age. 传统的农业经济中,家庭成员数目多是十分有利的。孩子多意味着田里的劳动力多,且有人给父母养老。


  2. A high birth rate almost always goes together with lack of education and low status for women. 高的生育率往往与妇女缺乏教育与社会地位低下相关。


  3. These trends show that an effective program to reduce population growth does not have to depend on better economic conditions. 这些趋势表明有效的控制人口的方案并不依赖于良好的经济状况。